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What is popularly known today as Acupuncture and herbal medicine is part of a complete medical system called Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM has its foundation in ancient China science and is known for its proven effectiveness over thousands of years. TCM emphasizes that the human body is an organic whole, and has an inseparable connection with the natural world and universe as a whole.

Vital energy, called Chi, circulates throughout the body along specific pathways, or meridians, which are connected to their corresponding internal organs. Science has observed that these points used in Acupuncture show a variety of unique bioelectrical and biochemical properties: stimulating them causes a definite physiological response in brain activity, hormonal levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and the immune system.

Your acupuncturist will assess your health care needs with a treatment and/or herbal remedy tailored specifically to you.



An effective non surgical method to reduce the signs of aging! Acupuncture increases local circulation, stimulates collagen and elastin, which helps to fill fine lines and gives firmness to the skin for a glowing healthy complexion. There are no negative side effects, such as scarring or swelling; and no recovery time is needed with this all natural treatment.



A procedure that improves digestion, aids metabolism and improves your overall health. Specific points on the abdomen are targeted to stimulate digestive organs and aid the body in removing excess fat and water retention.

The initial consultation will include questions regarding lifestyle, diet, medical history, digestion, elimination, stress and sleep patterns to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. Once this is determined, a personalized herbal formula is often suggested, as well as dietary recommendations to improve overall health and aid the effects of the weight loss acupuncture. Acupuncture is a compliment to a weight loss or exercise program. It can also be used on its own to help lose weight and inches.

To view a list of conditions commonly treated by Acupuncture, click here.

We Do Direct Billing
Depending on your policy type and your plan rules, we are able to direct bill most insurance companies after each appointment. Have a look through the list of insurance companies we are able to direct bill and bring your insurance policy information with you to your next appointment. Let's see if we are able to direct bill your claim for you!
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