After almost 30 years of operating as Bayside, we are rebranding under the MSK Health & Performance banner in a partnership with two other Lower Mainland clinics. I've recorded a quick video and included some details to explain.

What's Happening

On February 1st, 2018 Bayside will be rebranding to MSK Health & Performance in a partnership with two other clinics. One in Burnaby and another clinic is in Kitsilano where I used to work prior to taking over Bayside Chiropractic in 2011. Our clinic will be identified as MSK - Downtown.

Much like Bayside, the MSK clinics are multidisciplinary, sports-focused family practices offering Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care and Physiotherapy.


Back in December we asked you how we are doing and what we can do better and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive - thank you! Many of you indicated that improved access and the addition of fitness related services would be useful in helping you achieve your health goals.

This partnership improves accessibility to the same great approach to care and qualified practitioners which you have come to expect from Bayside.

What Are The Impacts?

Initially there wont be much change in your experience here at Bayside. Francois, Natalie, Alda and I will be here in the same place at the same time doing the same things you have come to expect.

The biggest change will come on February 1st when we change the clinic name to MSK Health & Performance - Downtown and the website where you go to book appointments will be Our phone number will remain the same. If you accidentally go to the old web address you will simply be redirected to the new website.

In the next few months I expect to have a few more announcements for you!

Who's Involved?

The clinic owners, Dr. Glenn Cashman in Burnaby and Dr. Ali Walizada in Kitsilano are long standing friends and colleagues of mine. Both doctors bring over a decade of experience combining chiropractic practice with soft tissue therapy and strengthening. Both Dr. Cashman and Dr. Walizada have a high level of experience in working with athletes, as Doctors Cashman and Walizada provide the chiropractic care for the Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Giants respectively.

Is This A Good Fit?

Absolutely! We all share the same goal of maximizing accessibility to high quality multidisciplinary care and providing the best service and support for you as a patient.

We feel strongly that our care must address you as a whole person rather than only the condition for which you are being treated. This means addressing both your short term needs of pain reduction as well as any biomechanical and lifestyle issues to maximize your long term success. We also believe patients success hinges on their commitment to follow through on that plan. Your personal growth through understanding movement and physical limitations is critical in preventing future injuries and adverse health conditions. This continues to be our vision.

I am very excited about this collaboration and look forward to the added strength and ability to build and refine our services to patients.