Orthotics - Vancouver Custom OrthoticsWelcome to the Bayside Orthotic Group!

Everyday your feet must act as a solid base and as a shock absorber. They propel you through your day and adapt to the irregular surfaces of the environment. Any abnormality in the mechanics of the feet can cause pain and irritation in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and low back. These problems are amplified if your job or sport requires extended periods of standing, walking or running. If you are experiencing muscle or joint pain, custom orthotics may provide the relief you are seeking.  For a list of common conditions orthotics can help to solve, please click here.

We determine if you are a candidate for orthotics through a health history, physical exam and biomechanical assessment. Our doctors highly skilled and have electronic GaitScan technology and 3D-castsing at their disposal to generate the most accurate picture of your foot mechanics.

If orthotics are indicated for your condition we send the results generated from your exam, 3D-cast and GaitScan to the lab. With this information in hand, the lab will build a custom orthotic that will correct your foot biomechanics and help alleviate your symptoms.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic!