Medical Evidence Validates Maintenance for Low Back Pain

While in Chiropractic College our professors would warn us eager, young students anything and everything no matter how bizarre will happen to to us while in our treatment rooms and clinics through our career...Read More

Your Desk Job Might Be Killing You

Vancouver Chiropractic - Desk WorkWith an increasing amount of jobs requiring desk work for prolonged periods of time, there have been a surge in studies looking at the implications of such jobs. According to a study of the American College of Cardiology, those who tallied more than four hours of screen time daily were twice at risk for developing cardiac events...Read More

 Spring Has Sprung...Your Allergies Don't Have To

Vancouver Chiropractic - SpringHere on the west coast, we’re lucky to experience mild winters and we’ve noticed flowers, buds and blooms popping up throughout the West End over the last several weeks.  This is a long-awaited time of year for many people, but for others...Read More
Kids Take Up Space
Vancouver Chiropractic - PregnancyThere’s a funny thing about kids.  They tend to take up space.  In fact, these bundles of joy get to work as soon as they are conceived.  You may not notice at first, but these little rug rats (as my father affectionately referred to my brother and I) start setting up...Read More
Running Into Knee Pain?
Vancouver Chiropractic - Runner with Knee PainRunning produces substantial force and shock to the joints, bones and soft tissue of the lower extremity through repetitively loading and unloading of those structures.  Every time the heel strikes the ground, a force of 5-10 times the athlete’s body weight...Read More
Avoiding The "Back Hazard"
Vancouver Chiropractic - Back Hazard
Ever notice your back tightening up midway through or at the end of your round of golf?  For some of you this isn’t much of an issue, but for many it is.  Those who suffer from this experience pain, loss of flexibility and more times than not, an inflated handicap...Read More
We Do Direct Billing
Depending on your policy type and your plan rules, we are able to direct bill most insurance companies after each appointment. Have a look through the list of insurance companies we are able to direct bill and bring your insurance policy information with you to your next appointment. Let's see if we are able to direct bill your claim for you!
Beat Winter Depression...Go Snowshoeing
Vancouverites know winter can be long, tough and for some of us, depressing. Most of our conversations this time of year seem to revolve around the rain, short days and that Mexico vacation you’re taking to get away from the dreary Vancouver winter weather. Well this year I’m encouraging you to follow my lead and take a different approach.
Medical Research Validates Maintenance Care for Low Back Pain
While in Chiropractic College our professors would warn us eager, young students anything and everything, no matter how bizarre, will happen...