Ergonomic Assessment - VancouverIncreasingly specialized skill sets combined with a heavy reliance on computers in the workplace has driven the average employee to spend long hours sitting at a desk, infront of a computer. If the workstation is not set up properly or the employee develops poor postural habits, it is highly likely that repetitive stress injuries will occur resulting in either acute or chronic pain.

Proper workstation ergonomics is the best way to avoid pain symptoms from long hours infront of a computer. If you would like an ergonomic assessment of your workstation please call Bayside to set up an appointment today.

Ergonomic Assessment Includes:

  • Complete health history to identify health risks and concerns related to the workstation
  • Onsite visit to evaluate the workstation and job duties
  • One on One interview
  • Complete report identifying risks, interventions, and ergonomic products (chair, desk, keyboard etc) that will improve optimize your workstation
  • Instruction on how to set up new equipment


$200 per person

** This fee applies to assessments performed in downtown Vancouver. Additional travel fees may be applicable in other areas to cover travel and time expenses**