Barring any underlying medical conditions, dynamic stretching should be done prior to any explosive athletic activity including golf.  Static stretching is also important but should be done post activity.  This is because dynamic stretching motions neurologically activate muscles whereas static stretching neurologically deactivates muscles.  Muscles that are neurologically activated are more responsive, more powerful and less susceptible to injury.  The following dynamic stretches are advised to perform prior to hitting balls at the driving range or playing a round of golf. 
1. Cuff Activation  
  • grasp club at shoulder width 
  • Squeeze hands together then apart holding 2-3 seconds in both positions 
  • 10 reps
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Rotator Cuff Activation
2. Reach and Scuds 
  • Grasp club at shoulder width
  • Hold club overhead
  • Move in a controlled arc from right to left and back
  • The end range positions should be held for 1-2 seconds
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Latissimus Dorsi Warm up
3. Windmills/Horizontal Arm Swings 
  • Maximize shoulder mobility  
  • These are continuous motions that are not held in any position 
  • With the arm swings, alternate the top arm in the initial position shown
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Windmills
                     Arm Circles
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Arm Swings
                Horizontal Arm Swings

4. Core Rotation 
  • Place club on shoulders 
  • Keep feet planted and do not twist hips 
  • Do not over rotate 
  • Hold at end range for 1-2 seconds
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Core Activation

Notice I have twisted my hips slightly in these pictures.  My hips should be square to my feet and they are not in this picture.

5. Standing Knee Pulls 
  • Lift leg and grasp knee with opposite hand and stretch in adduction (across your body) 
  • Hold 1-2 seconds at end range 
  • Repeat 5 times per side
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Hip Activation

6. Leg Swings or Forward Flexion Stretch

a. Leg Swings 
i. Support upper body with golf club as shown
ii. Swing leg forward as far as you can pain free with minimal knee bend
iii. Maintaining an upright posture (as still as possible)
iv. Swing leg backwards as far as you can pain free (allow the knee to bend in this direction)
v.This motions should be fluid with no stopping points
vi. Repeat 10 times per leg
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Leg Swings
b. Forward Flexion Stretch
i. Slowly bend forward keeping knees and back straight
ii. Slowly stand up straight and then repeat
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Low Back Activation

7. Toe Touch Hip Rotation
  • Keep lead foot planted and trail toe planted but able to rotate
  • This is a lowe limb stretch intended to mimic the golf swing
  • Preform on both sides 5-10 times
  • Preform all repetitions on one side before switching to the other side
  • Notice the hips are 
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Hip Activation
8. Wide Grip Swings to Full Swing
  • Grasp Club with wide grip
  • Do this full swing in both directions
Vancouver Chiropractor Golf Warm up - Full Swing Warm up

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