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Since I started seeing doctor John I have gone from using a cane to get around to being 100% mobile again from a serious back injury I incurred a couple of years ago in a car accident. Dr. John offered me not only traditional chiropractic care with the back adjustment but ongoing care and attention to the little things like proper stretching, health concerns, and proper posture.

I used to hate going to the chiropractor because of the painful back adjustments but now I look forward to the pain relieving sessions I have with Dr. John.

Thanks Dr. John.Vancouver Chiropractic Patient - Jason Lyle


Jason Lyle

Lyle Construction Ltd.

I have a very old rotator cuff shoulder injury that I had totally forgotten about. When I began instructing Nordic Pole Walking, as part of my business, my old injury reared its ugly head. You see, I love to Nordic Pole and I do it with lots of energy and vigor.
Before too long, I realized I needed to have my shoulder looked after and was thrilled to have the chance to experience Dr. White’s chiropractic services first hand. I had no idea what the extent of my injury was until Dr. White began using Active Release Technique. Oh my, it almost brought tears to my eyes. Each week Dr. White would send me on my way with me promising to do the rehabilitation exercises he prescribed.

Although I was not as diligent as I could have been, with my rehabilitation exercises, my shoulder has come a long way. I can now happily pole for 3 or 4 sessions per day.

Thank you so much Dr. White.

Lois Thomlinson

Natural Trekking

I began seeing Dr. White in September, 2009, after meeting him at a business meeting.  At that point I had chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and was struggling with performing everyday activities, let alone working. 

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 years ago.  I’ve had migraines 3-4x per week since I was 18 years old.  I had squished discs in my back multiple times over a 10 year period.  I had breathing issues due to my ribs dislocating.  I couldn’t use my left arm properly, and had difficulty using my hands.  A neurologist told me I had carpal tunnel syndrome and needed surgery and braces for my hands.  I often didn’t sleep well because of the throbbing pain throughout my body.

I’d seen several medical specialists and all of them had either said:  “Take a prescription for pain and/or sleep”, “Get surgery”, or “Learn to live with being disabled.”  None of the doctors had given me much hope for improvement.  But, I am only 33 years old and had not given up hope.

It is now February, 2010.  I am thrilled to say that Dr. White has helped me immensely.  His approach using active release therapy techniques, assisted stretching, chiropractic adjustments, and prescribing stretches/exercises to do at home has radically improved my level of function.

I now rarely get migraines.  I can use my hands and left arm again.  My back is far stronger and my breathing has improved.  I am now able to exercise in a gym again, and have returned to working in the healthcare field.  I sleep far better because I am not throbbing as much.  My clarity of thought has improved because I am getting better quality of sleep and I am not in as much pain all the time.

Initially Dr. White had to be extremely gentle and treat me conservatively because my pain level was so high.  He was very responsive and understanding regarding my feedback on what my body could handle.  He met me half way and provided excellent education on how to slowly, but progressively, rehabilitate my body.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first because I had been to so many other doctors and chiropractors already.  But, he was right!! 

Dr. White is by far the best doctor and best chiropractor I have ever been too.  I feel like he has given me my life back.  I can now enjoy doing many of the things I used to do and return to a profession that I love.  He gave me hope and results, when no other doctor did.  And he has accomplished this without prescriptions and without surgery.   That thrills me!!  Thanks Dr. White!!  You rock!!


I hadn't realized that after my last appointment I wouldn't see you again – and have a chance to say thank you!  This was my first experience seeing a chiropractor and I noticed a real improvement, especially in my back.

Best wishes,


With a couple of unfortunate injuries recently, it has been invaluable to have Dr. John White as my chiropractor.  When I dislocated my shoulder, he was able to provide ongoing treatment to make sure it healed quickly and correctly.  He also gave great advice on rehabilitation and was able to alleviate muscular-skeletal issues that arose during the rehab.

My second injury was a broken leg – traditionally, something many would consider a chiropractor unable to help with.  But it quickly became apparent how much relief John could provide for my upper body, which was reacting badly to having to use crutches to move around.  After each treatment I felt immediate and long lasting pain relief.

I have also found him extremely knowledgeable.  Regarding my leg injury, advice that John gave me was later echoed by the specialist at the hospital a couple of weeks later.

I highly recommend his services to anyone who has recently had an injury or an ongoing problem, and I have in fact recommended his services to my partner who has successfully received treatment for her own shoulder issues.  I receive ongoing treatment for preventative measures and am extremely satisfied with his services every time I visit.


Alex Thomas

Godoy & Ververgaert Insurance Brokers Inc.

I’m here to tell you that Dr. John White is not your ordinary chiropractor!

In the middle of April this year I hurt my knee in a yoga class – ‘a yinjury’. The pain did not subside and after a couple of weeks of inactivity and suffering I started to worry. I asked Dr. John if he could help. He said he could so I make an appointment for the next day. Not only was he able to diagnose my injury as bursitis (not something worse, as I was imagining) but in 3 short sessions, plus some ’homework’, he took me from constant aching and sharp pains with every step back to my running, cycling, dancing self!

So, think of Dr. John when you hear people complain about sore knees or shoulders or feed not just backs! He does traditional back adjustments, of course, but also is an expert in ART and mobilizations and really knows the human body and how it works.

Six weeks later I’m still pain-free!


Carolyn Sinclair

USANA Health Sciences

I’d like to think I’m a pretty active person, in good shape physically and mentally – but I have always felt some pains in my body – either from car accidents, sports injuries or life in general.

I met Dr. John White in November of 2010. I’m not entirely sure when my first appointment with him was, but somewhere around this time. I was roughly half way through my pregnancy and was starting to feel some lower back pain and general aches and pains. John was fabulous! He took car not to push or move me in ways that weren’t comfortable as a pregnant woman and also seemed to do just the right thig to make me feel back to new again.

I saw John throughout my pregnancy and after childbirth. You can imagine I probably needed to see John a lot more than time would allow. But, I remember bringing Sawyer in his car seat sitting in the corner of the room while John worked on me. It was amazing the simple sessions with him could help relieve some pain from being a new mom.

The last session I had with John, I had fallen down the stairs twice while carrying my son and he could tell by looking at me, that my body was in rough shape. It was probably the longest chiro session as he had quite a bit some work to do. I noticed the effects of his work pretty much immediately.

John’s dedication to his work and care with his clients is obvious. He doesn’t just do an adjustment, he looks at your whole lifestyle & has suggestions I’ve never heard come from a chiropractor before.

I would highly recommend John to anyone needing to get back in action & live a more pain free lifestyle.


Ashleigh Pidgeon

Sun Life Financial

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